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The Geek Genuflects

4:52 PM – I’ve drank twice as much coffee as two days ago but half as much as yesterday. Glory. *** “I never make such big decisions so long after sunset and so far from dawn.” –¬†Francis ‘Frank’ Underwood, from … Continue reading

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Doing What Audiences Are Meant To Do : A Film Review of The Purge

7:50 AM – It’s official: the gnats and mosquitos in Texas are racist. LT and I were less than two feet apart all night, but only one of us, in lieu of sleep, swatted and scratched bites and cursed God … Continue reading

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(Bitter) Notes On Critics and Professional Criticism

8:28 AM – Morning coffee with Lana Del Rey. Raisins aplenty from a 20 ounce bomber. Chicken chewing bones, wife whittling through the wi-fi on her new iPad, my new Old Navy athletic shorts got me feeling more like Mr. … Continue reading

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THE GREAT GATSBY – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Fiction and Baz Lurhmann’s Film in Dual Review

8:26 AM – Talking to moms. Drinking coffees. Listening to Coltrane. Prepping for road trip with my pug-dog. There is only Sabbath here. *** “And I had the intentions of reading many other books besides.” – Nick Carraway, narrator of … Continue reading

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Scary Rants Vol. 7 – Zombies Vs. Contagions Parts 5&6/6 – Kiki’s Zombie Choice Awards

9:51 AM – Last night at our college’s commencement celebration, I wrote the word “Scholarships” at the top of a Moleskin page, propped on my leg sheathed in a cheap regalia gown, and I began jotting down words found within … Continue reading

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Scary Rants Vol. 6 : Zombies Vs. Contagions Part 4/6 – Can’t We All Just Stop Biting Our Brothers?

8:29 AM – Yesterday I took the car back to Aggieland Automotive. The Aggie allergy girl attending¬†the counter said my name as I entered the door. Enjoying the warm service, I said, “Oh, good memory.” And she said, “No, it … Continue reading

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Blending Truth and Lies Between Writers And Narrators : How I Lost It All Over Dead Batteries And Dead Brothers In A (non)Fictional Parking Lot

8:08 AM – Late night. Ate sea bass for the first time. It’s a fish you eat without a knife. Then stayed up watching premiere of the new Netflix series, Hemlock Grove, which wasn’t good until I turned it off … Continue reading

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