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On The Overuse Of The Word “Love”

Forever and Always My wife My pugs My parents (and her parents) My friends Their adorations My God (though not necessarily “and country”) A Torrid Affair Black coffee / handled mugs Greyer days / large windows Ales / hops malts … Continue reading

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On The Occasion Of The Day I Earned My Salary

Today was the kind of day That drenches dry counties In pints of ratified Prohibition, That prompts fish to reconsider Evolutionary legs, That leads the proverbial horse to drink The proverbial cow-pissed waters, That makes dart-boards of day-calendars, fire-pits Of … Continue reading

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(Bitter) Notes On Critics and Professional Criticism

8:28 AM – Morning coffee with Lana Del Rey. Raisins aplenty from a 20 ounce bomber. Chicken chewing bones, wife whittling through the wi-fi on her new iPad, my new Old Navy athletic shorts got me feeling more like Mr. … Continue reading

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A Celebration of One Student’s Bitchiness, of Personal Hypocrisies, and of The Truest Part of Any Eulogy

10:12 AM – Pug-dog asleep on me as I read. Awakening, he stretches his paws into my face. They smell like corn chips. He is the Corn-Chip Chicken. *** “Rationality squeezes out much that is rich and juicy and fascinating.” … Continue reading

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The Hoax of “Manliness” and the Briefest of Sabbaticals

9:10 AM – Beginning a week long internet sabbatical while I’m away on vacation. In the meantime, here’s a little situation I wrote for the local dirtbag rag. Please also enjoy recents musings on The Great Gatsby and a week … Continue reading

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Tim O’Brien and The Death of BS

5:42 AM. Getting later every morning. “Are universities mostly boot-camps for adulthood, where young people learn how to drink moderately, fornicate meaningfully and hand things in on time?” – David Brooks Yesterday I ripped on the current generation of college … Continue reading

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Tim O’Brien and The Stories We Tell

5:25 AM = Late again. “But this too is true: stories can save us.” – Tim O’Brien Tim O’Brien spoke at my school yesterday. He was scheduled to speak in the Student Center banquet hall between noon-2:00, exactly when I … Continue reading

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