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A Celebration of One Student’s Bitchiness, of Personal Hypocrisies, and of The Truest Part of Any Eulogy

10:12 AM – Pug-dog asleep on me as I read. Awakening, he stretches his paws into my face. They smell like corn chips. He is the Corn-Chip Chicken. *** “Rationality squeezes out much that is rich and juicy and fascinating.” … Continue reading

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The Berenstain Bears and Dog The Bounty Hunter Go To The Dentist

10:09 AM – Woke at 2:30 AM after a dream I had to write down. Went back to bed, plagued by thoughts that must be written down. Listened to Dio’s Holy Driver record for the first time and loved it. … Continue reading

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Anne Lamott’s Rosie – A Review

8:21 AM – Met Pepe for coffee. Discussed our late 80s golden age of television, the glory of Arrested Development, Jason Segel’s genius puppetry, the sincerity of youth, the ridiculousness of youth, the irony of a nonnative Spanish speaker teaching … Continue reading

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Thoughts on How and Why Writers (Should) Eavesdrop

7:43 AM – At Panera. The cashier girl did not intend to mislead me by wearing an ex-co-worker’s name-tag, so I did not feel sheepish for addressing Kelly as Brady, but I did say the former name appeared more fitting. … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Youth(Group)ful Zeal : A Reflection on Being Lame in the Name of the Lamb

7:59 AM – Chicken Dinner eats his bed. Insert teeth. Pull. And doggie-bed innards scatter on his chin and in the air. It’s a gruesome display. But I’m determined to teach this little bugger to be dainty. To treat his … Continue reading

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What Fiction Can Teach Us and The Various Incarnations of Believing

7:26 AM – There is no Cesar Milan to tell me why my pug has taken to choral practices, sitting on the couch’s edge, singing into open living spaces, as if he’s beckoning the clawed scratch of a lover pug … Continue reading

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How My Wife Ran Down My Resolve And Perhaps Made Me A Would-Be Runner

6:57 AM – Admittedly addicted to Lana Del Ray after that number in The Great Gatsby. Perhaps Paradise is not the best propeller of productivity on a Monday morning, but I’ll find out soon. *** “My parents are very religious, … Continue reading

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