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On Why I Am A Vegetarian

Meat Is a vegetable Grown In the soil Of a bone Garden. – Kiki Malone February 2014 (Dedicated to William “Carnivorous” Williams” Advertisements

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On Which I Wax Eloquently Concerning John Ashbery

You really should read John Ashbery. He’s the only poet you can say “I don’t get it” and you’d be 100% correct. Not getting it is the point. At least I think it is, even though to make such a … Continue reading

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A Splattering of Finger Flyings and A Meditation On [Bracketed Spans]

7:49 AM – Pug-dog attacked the landscapers with his voice. And he lunged the edges of his lease, pulling and pouncing at them as if their weed-wackers and mowers offended the comfortable decor of his pooping stall. I still do … Continue reading

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Books 13-18 out of 52 in 2013

(Check the 28 Books of 2013 link above for scores to each title. Sorry I did not include them below. I don’t know what’s lamer: that I’m posting a list of the books I’m reading or that I’m too lazy … Continue reading

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The Question Of Muse Continues (Thoughts From A Fellow Writer)

6:47 AM – Today I serve jury duty. The last time I served jury duty I told the judge the case we were discussing sounded like a waste of time and energy because it sounded like they already had the … Continue reading

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The Question of Muse (And The Debunking of The Christian Sunday School Response)

9:12 AM – We returned a few days ago from a week vacationing in Galveston, Texas. (For the record, my definition of vacation is doing what I would normally do at home – read books, drink coffee, search for good … Continue reading

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Taking Note : What You (Wish You) Could Find In My Back Pocket

8:09 AM – Walked to Panera this morning. Two different dogs at two different points on the journey barked in my direction. I inspire music. *** “I like to think that Henry James said his classic line, ‘A writer is … Continue reading

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