On The Overuse Of The Word “Love”

Forever and Always
My wife
My pugs
My parents
(and her parents)
My friends
Their adorations
My God
(though not necessarily “and country”)

A Torrid Affair
Black coffee / handled mugs
Greyer days / large windows
Ales / hops malts Hours / effects
(Sweet Christ, too much!)
Ginger / licorice / vinegar
Black high-top All-Stars
(tiding in or out depending)

It’s complicated
Teaching / breaks & summers
Quiet / nobody
Used books / dirty jokes / scary movies
(my pontificating such)
A pillow and a ceiling fan
A dangling foot
An atlas dog-eared and annotated
(Yellow Sea to Arkansan boy)


About Kiki Malone

Girding till the break of dawn.
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