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On Which I Wax Eloquently Concerning John Ashbery

You really should read John Ashbery. He’s the only poet you can say “I don’t get it” and you’d be 100% correct. Not getting it is the point. At least I think it is, even though to make such a … Continue reading

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For Seth Haines

Seth, I owe you a phone call. It’s been a busy week. But Monday on your website you¬†requested book recommendations. I’ll echo the first comment / recommendation you received by tagging below the section from chapter two of Christian Wiman’s … Continue reading

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Books 13-18 out of 52 in 2013

(Check the 28 Books of 2013 link above for scores to each title. Sorry I did not include them below. I don’t know what’s lamer: that I’m posting a list of the books I’m reading or that I’m too lazy … Continue reading

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The Geek Genuflects

4:52 PM – I’ve drank twice as much coffee as two days ago but half as much as yesterday. Glory. *** “I never make such big decisions so long after sunset and so far from dawn.” –¬†Francis ‘Frank’ Underwood, from … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Kelly Riad : Author, Reader, Pet-Hoarder, Personal Friend to Me and Nemesis to Katy Perry

10:47 AM – Started the day early reading Gary Shteyngart archives from the New Yorker. (His latest piece – “From The Diaries of Pussy-Cake” in the June 10th Crime Fiction edition is priceless. Check it out while it’s still free.) … Continue reading

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Anne Lamott’s Rosie – A Review

8:21 AM – Met Pepe for coffee. Discussed our late 80s golden age of television, the glory of Arrested Development, Jason Segel’s genius puppetry, the sincerity of youth, the ridiculousness of youth, the irony of a nonnative Spanish speaker teaching … Continue reading

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What Fiction Can Teach Us and The Various Incarnations of Believing

7:26 AM – There is no Cesar Milan to tell me why my pug has taken to choral practices, sitting on the couch’s edge, singing into open living spaces, as if he’s beckoning the clawed scratch of a lover pug … Continue reading

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