Most mornings, I wake early. Drink coffee. Read online newspapers, a few emails, and pages from whatever book feels necessary. Before walking my pug-dog, Chicken Dinner, I like to scribble a batch of half-baked words, you know, to keep it loose. Various journals contain various inks from various pens pried from various pockets in either of my various pants. I’m groovy that way. But last night, after seeing Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath twitter through revisions of self-empowering Tweets while Robyn played in the background on the third episode of the first season of Girls, I began re-digging the idea of “web presence”. Then today, the very next day after last night, my friend Amber told me to get a blog. Generally, I submit to wise counsel, and Amber has never steered me astray. So I’m starting this as another journal of sorts to deposit my morning farthing of words. I expect less from myself here than you do, which means we’ll both win. Cheers.


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