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Happy birthday, Kelly Clarkson!

5:35 AM – Single cup Keurig this morning. And I learned the coffee maker defect was a user error. Chefmaster is off the hook, if not off the chain. *** “Mr. Still, no offense, but you just don’t look like … Continue reading

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Landmarks and Altars, Imagery and Language : Our Inherent Need to Remember That Chefmaster Makes Crappy Makers

5:22 AM – Sometimes foul seems to have brewed . . . . . *** “Remove not the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.” Proverbs 22:28 Our ten dollar coffee maker, made by the Chefmaster Company and purchased at … Continue reading

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Blending Truth and Lies Between Writers And Narrators : How I Lost It All Over Dead Batteries And Dead Brothers In A (non)Fictional Parking Lot

8:08 AM – Late night. Ate sea bass for the first time. It’s a fish you eat without a knife. Then stayed up watching premiere of the new Netflix series, Hemlock Grove, which wasn’t good until I turned it off … Continue reading

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A Beer Nerd Puts Down The Bottle

7:39 AM – Embarrassingly late. It’s difficult to do this with the sun tripping through the window and my dog nipping at my feet. But, here it is. *** “Writing a first draft is very much like watching a Polaroid … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Classical Condition : O’Brien’s Prairie, Cather’s Nebraska, and My Student’s Handheld Mirrors

5:28 AM – Slept in for TGIF. *** “Farewell to story tellers, hello to memoirists.”  – Dr. Myles Werntz *This is the disclaimer where I confess I’m drastically out of my element, but I’m going for it anyway. After work … Continue reading

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Disobeying Anne Lamott : A Note-To-Self For Boston

5:29 AM – Jacked-up the coffee again. Oh well. *** “I know I set out to tell you every single thing I know about writing, but I am also going to tell you every single thing I know about school … Continue reading

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Battling With Want While The Burrito Slumbers On

5:41 AM – Monday morning and I’m already running late. An hour and a half late. This blows the trajectory of the day. And because it’s Monday, the entire week. Blah and blerg. **** “What people somehow (inadvertently, I’m sure) … Continue reading

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