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How My Wife Ran Down My Resolve And Perhaps Made Me A Would-Be Runner

6:57 AM – Admittedly addicted to Lana Del Ray after that number in The Great Gatsby. Perhaps Paradise is not the best propeller of productivity on a Monday morning, but I’ll find out soon. *** “My parents are very religious, … Continue reading

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THE GREAT GATSBY – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Fiction and Baz Lurhmann’s Film in Dual Review

8:26 AM – Talking to moms. Drinking coffees. Listening to Coltrane. Prepping for road trip with my pug-dog. There is only Sabbath here. *** “And I had the intentions of reading many other books besides.” – Nick Carraway, narrator of … Continue reading

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An Unintended Celebration of How The Wife and I Find The Most Balance When The Plum Line’s Tipped

9:14 AM – Slept in after a late night at the Ass show. My awesome black-tee shirted wife endured her first thrash metal circle pit and felt the floor buckle beneath a dude’s skull. She came home hungry for sleep … Continue reading

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