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Nothing – Guilty of Everything (Record Review)

Nothing’s Guilty of Everything has spun repeatedly in my car this past month. At home, I’ve chugged from an endless keg of Nothing’s previous EP, Downward Years to Come. Either way, in either place, it’s been Nothing or its been … Continue reading

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On The Overuse Of The Word “Love”

Forever and Always My wife My pugs My parents (and her parents) My friends Their adorations My God (though not necessarily “and country”) A Torrid Affair Black coffee / handled mugs Greyer days / large windows Ales / hops malts … Continue reading

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On The Occasion Of The Day I Earned My Salary

Today was the kind of day That drenches dry counties In pints of ratified Prohibition, That prompts fish to reconsider Evolutionary legs, That leads the proverbial horse to drink The proverbial cow-pissed waters, That makes dart-boards of day-calendars, fire-pits Of … Continue reading

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On Why I Am A Vegetarian

Meat Is a vegetable Grown In the soil Of a bone Garden. – Kiki Malone February 2014 (Dedicated to William “Carnivorous” Williams”

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On Which I Wax Eloquently Concerning John Ashbery

You really should read John Ashbery. He’s the only poet you can say “I don’t get it” and you’d be 100% correct. Not getting it is the point. At least I think it is, even though to make such a … Continue reading

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For Seth Haines

Seth, I owe you a phone call. It’s been a busy week. But Monday on your website you requested book recommendations. I’ll echo the first comment / recommendation you received by tagging below the section from chapter two of Christian Wiman’s … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day 2014

Grandma Hilda believed that whatever you did on New Year’s Day you would do a-plenty in the year to come. With this in mind, Grandma structured the activities of her New Year’s Day more carefully than any poser publishing their … Continue reading

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