from the Rolling Stone Interview, April 23, 2013:

Q: When you sit down to write Louie what are your work habits?

A: When it’s time to write, I have one computer that has no ability to get on the Internet. Because the ability to just move your finger less than a millimeter and be looking straight  . . . at the new Porsche, or a whole movie – To Kill a Mockingbird, let’s just sit here and what the whole thing? – it’s too much. So if you put a couple of moves between you and that, you’ve got a fighting chance. When I hit a stopping moment in what I’m writing, a moment of agitation – that itch leads to a brand new thing, to inspiration. But if you bail out and buy a product online, you’re robbing yourself. It’s terrible, so I sit there: “Fuck, Fuck!” The worst thing happening to this generation is that they’re taking discomfort away from themselves.”


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5 Responses to WISDOM FROM LOUIS C.K.

  1. sethhaines says:

    I think Eggers says the same thing. Except, something about no wifi or something…

  2. Chad says:

    Wasn’t it Eggers who destroyed his ethernet port making his computer incapable of getting online? This was before we all went mobile, wifi, hotspoting crazy (you know, like a decade ago). Do you think that when the codex became popular writers bitched about the good old days when people had to take their time looking up quotes from Aristotle in a scroll? “Where do you think we get the phrase ‘scroll through,’ not from a fucking folio! Kids these days!”

    • Kiki Malone says:

      I must have my ethernet so that I can keep up with Saturday Night Live (cause I’m devoted) and Community (when it’s actually good) and Hemlock Grove (which ain’t bad) and Patton Oswalt records (on the Spotify) and David Brooks (trending) and Alec Baldwin (Here’s The Thing) and Comedians Getting Coffee In Cars (starring Alec Baldwin that one time) and GIRLS (got a cache of articles) and In This Moment videos (Blood is a weird one) and Barnes-n-Nobles online shopping (I’m ashamed!) and IMDB pics of [insert most recent Hollywood girl crush] (shallow) and your comments. So there.

      • Chad says:

        I am very plugged into the interwebs these days. All my entertaining broadcasts (Don the Draper, that show with the blonde and her dragons, that show with Julianna Margulies and her beautiful crow’s feet), Frank Ocean albums, NYtimes online, Feedly, Slate, The Rumpus, every novel I’ve been trying to read for the last year, all of it comes to me over the old information super-highway, either to my phone, my tablet, or my computer. In many ways this is an ideal information environment, and yet, I don’t feel like I connect in a meaningful way. **Sigh** Poor me. Fuck it, let’s go bowling.

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