One-Inch Frames

5:55 AM – Stayed up too late watching Celeste and Jesse Forever. Good laughs.


“. . . all I have to do is to write down as much as I can see through a one-inch picture frame.  – Anne Lamott

1. my history with books – beginning with my library obsession in childhood, my fear of reading the wrong books in high school, my euphoric fall for books in college, my confusion which books to read afterwards

2. my history of writing – journals and letters in junior high, school paper in high school, nothing in college until blogs before blogs were created, then talking but not writing afterwards

3. rashida jones and gator boy – i see them graduating, i see them figuring out next steps, i see them in small places wanting big places but not knowing what that means. that does not belong here, so what the crap?

4. myles’ challenge – first cups of coffee, which is also a telling of my friendship with qui (h.s.) and with myles (OBU) and with corporate america (kc)

5. there’s always lena dunham – too much about lena dunham – but mostly how lena dunham kicks sarah silverman’s ass, and maybe a bit of the vice versa as well

6. there’s the challenge of active verbs, perhaps the challenge of particular nouns, and certainly uncommon adjectives. hell, i love that one.

7. there’s other crummy flash fictions that spin a sentence at a time until you realize they did not build as they felt they were building at pre-6 AM

8. there’s my 52 books in a year challenge – the ones i’ve read so far, the ones i want to read, and the ones i have irrevocably kicked off the list, plus there’s all the little exceptions to strengthen and lengthen the list by new year’s

9. there’s the dream i had last night where my friend’s son was butchered in a roadside rest area bathroom while i stood at the door and listened and then ran for help and realized i was magically at a summer camp doing stand-up about flannery o’connor and how she was “bat shit crazy” and everyone loved it and then i found the kid who i thought was butchered and he was okay but the guy who tried to butcher him locked us in a little room and when he went to get his nail gun we used a table to break through the window and jump into the lake where we had a touching Titanic-like moment with an old couple holding onto a canoe and they said they could not find their own grandkids to say goodbye to so they told us goodbye and then they let go of the canoe so me and my friends’ son started swimming back to camp (i was already thinking of new flannery o’connor material) and i said, “c’mon, let’s get out of here” and that’s when i woke up in real life and couldn’t hear my pug-dog snoring so i panicked a little and then he snorted so i felt better and finally came down here to write this list of potential future topics.

10. turtles

11. would love to make a few conclusive lists, but only because i love lists, and also because people ask you about your list worthy things at times and i rarely have an answer

12. can always check the birthdays. yesterday: anton lavey! today: david letterman and jon krakauer! tomorrow: that racist sonuvabitch, thomas jefferson, and the reverend al green!


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