I’m thinking about how my favorite Rashida Jones is the Rashida Jones from Our Idiot Brother who dresses in “dude clothes” and wears those giant glasses. I’m thinking about what color t-shirt looks best on my pug. I’m thinking about being evil and being dead and how impossible it is to say everything you want to say about a single film, especially one you’ve been wearing like thick stink for several days. I’ve been thinking about what my toe looked like the other day when I took my shoe off and how much it reminded me of one of the Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark, and I’ve been thinking about how I’ve never outgrown such nonsense. I’ve been thinking about ginger root and aloe vera and blue cheese. I’ve been thinking about what makes turtles, encased in nearly indestructible shells, so damn skiddish. I’ve been thinking about Lena Dunham and the potential therapeutic benefits of self-extended partial nudity. I’ve been thinking about my favorite parts of a grapefruit.

(from Still Thinking: published April 2013, 979 Represent)


About Kiki Malone

Girding till the break of dawn.
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